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Dixie Junius


I make art for the joy of it; the small miracle of images appearing by my hand, taking shape, color and form on the page before me. There is no plan really, just a desire, an intuition, an intention to create an image that reflects an emerging notion. A revelation of sorts. 

I often verge from the abstract to the asemic, writing detached from language, in a desire to make visible the poems that exist wordlessly within.

Living and working in the stunning Willamette Valley, I am daily immersed in the beauty of nature. The colors, forms and designs, the changes day to day and seasonally, the mystery and mayhem. These all come into my work in some way.

The materials I employ allow for maximum experimentation, and I frequently mix mediums, including inks, watercolors, pastels, markers,acrylics and acrylic inks. My tools range from brushes and pens to kitchen implements and sticks I've found while walking.

Always, there is joy in exploration, discovery, creation!